Here you can find my list of NSW RFS Pager CapCodes
(Used on

Last Updated: 25/08/2021

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address alias agency
0010627 Gresford Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010634 Lower Hunter Group 2 Lower Hunter
0010648 Fingal Bay Brigade Lower Hunter
0010650 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 1 Lower Hunter
0010658 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 2 Lower Hunter
0010664 Lower Hunter Comms Support Unit Captain Lower Hunter
0010672 Lower Hunter Comms Support Unit Lower Hunter
0010688 Soldiers Point Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010696 Soldiers Point Brigade Lower Hunter
0010704 Martins Creek Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010714 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 3 Lower Hunter
0010720 Anna Bay Brigade Lower Hunter
0010722 Iona/Duns Creek Brigade Lower Hunter
0010728 Lower Hunter Broadcast Message Lower Hunter
0010730 Eccleston Brigade Lower Hunter
0010738 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 4 Lower Hunter
0010744 Williamtown/Salt Ash Brigade Lower Hunter
0010760 Tanilba Bay Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010768 Tilligerry Brigade Lower Hunter
0010784 Lemon Tree Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010792 Lemon Tree Passage Brigade Lower Hunter
0010808 Medowie Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010816 Medowie Brigade Lower Hunter
0010832 Karuah Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010840 Karuah Brigade Lower Hunter
0010856 Raymond Terrace Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010864 Raymond Terrace Brigade Lower Hunter
0010880 Lower Hunter Quads Lower Hunter
0010904 Seaham Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0010912 Seaham Brigade Lower Hunter
0010936 Duns Creek Brigade Lower Hunter
0010960 Bowthorne/Hinton Brigade Lower Hunter
0011000 Lower Hunter Group 2 Lower Hunter
0011072 Clarencetown Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0011088 Wallarobba Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
0011120 Lower Hunter Pager Techs Lower Hunter
0011136 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 4 Lower Hunter
0011144 Clarence Town CFS Lower Hunter
0011152 Lower Hunter Group 4 Lower Hunter
0011272 Martins Creek Brigade Lower Hunter
0011312 Lower Hunter Catering Support Unit Lower Hunter
0011392 Dungog Brigade Lower Hunter
0011400 Gresford Brigade Lower Hunter
0011408 Lower Hunter Group 3 Lower Hunter
0011416 Paterson Brigade Lower Hunter
0011432 Vacy Brigade Lower Hunter
0011680 Wallarobba Brigade Lower Hunter
0011720 Flat Tops Brigade Lower Hunter
0011800 Lower Hunter Broadcast Message Lower Hunter
0029024 Oberon Brigade Macarthur
0029040 Turon Brigade Macarthur
0029064 Burraga Brigade Macarthur
0060008 Cumberland Broadcast Message Cumberland
0089016 Port Stephens SES - Duty Officer SES
0089024 Port Stephens SES SES
0180008 Cumberland Broadcast Message Cumberland
0180042 Wallacia Brigade Cumberland
0180184 Eastern Creek Brigade Cumberland
0180192 Plumpton Brigade Cumberland
0180200 Shanes Park Brigade Cumberland
0180208 Marsden Park Brigade Cumberland
0180216 Horsley Park Brigade Cumberland
0180224 Schofields Brigade Cumberland
0180240 Cumberland Duty Officer Cumberland
0180627 Cumberland Comms Support Unit Cumberland
0200104 Unknown?? Canobolas
0200200 Unknown?? Canobolas
0200232 Carcoar Brigade Canobolas
0200240 Lidster Brigade Canobolas
0200288 Millthorpe Brigade Canobolas
0209000 Blayney Brigade Canobolas
0210000 Blue Mountains Broadcast Message Blue Mountains
0210008 Blue Mountains FCO1 Blue Mountains
0210016 Blue Mountains FCO2 Blue Mountains
0210032 Blue Mountains FCO4 Blue Mountains
0210040 Blue Mountains FCO5 Blue Mountains
0210048 Blue Mountains Ops Support Blue Mountains
0210056 Blue Mountains Duty Officer Blue Mountains
0210120 Blue Mountains First Responders Blue Mountains
0210160 Blue Mountains Group Support Comms Blue Mountains
0210168 Blue Mountains Group Leader Blue Mountains
0210176 Blue Mountains Group Mechanic Blue Mountains
0210192 Blue Mountains Blue Mountains GSB Blue Mountains
0210216 Blue Mountains Central 1 Blue Mountains
0210224 Blue Mountains Central 2 Blue Mountains
0210232 Blue Mountains Central 3 Blue Mountains
0210240 Blue Mountains East 1 Blue Mountains
0210248 Blue Mountains East 2 Blue Mountains
0210256 Blue Mountains East 3 Blue Mountains
0210264 Blue Mountains West 1 Blue Mountains
0210272 Blue Mountains West 2 Blue Mountains
0210280 Blue Mountains West 3 Blue Mountains
0210288 Bell Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210296 Bell Brigade Blue Mountains
0210304 Blaxland Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210312 Blaxland Brigade Blue Mountains
0210320 Bullaburra Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210328 Bullaburra Brigade Blue Mountains
0210336 Faulconbridge Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210344 Faulconbridge Brigade Blue Mountains
0210352 Glenbrook/Lapstone Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210360 Glenbrook/Lapstone Brigade Blue Mountains
0210368 Hazelbrook Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210376 Hazelbrook Brigade Blue Mountains
0210384 South Katoomba Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210392 South Katoomba Brigade Blue Mountains
0210416 Katoomba/Leura Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210424 Katoomba/Leura Brigade Blue Mountains
0210432 Lawson Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210440 Lawson Brigade Blue Mountains
0210448 Linden Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210456 Linden Brigade Blue Mountains
0210464 Medlow Bath Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210472 Medlow Bath Brigade Blue Mountains
0210480 Mt Riverview Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210488 Mount Riverview Brigade Blue Mountains
0210496 Mt Tomah Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210504 Mt Tomah Brigade Blue Mountains
0210512 Blackheath/Mt Victoria Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210520 Blackheath/Mt Victoria Brigade Blue Mountains
0210528 Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210536 Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Brigade Blue Mountains
0210544 Shipley Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210552 Shipley Brigade Blue Mountains
0210560 Valley Heights Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210568 Valley Heights Brigade Blue Mountains
0210576 Warrimoo Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210584 Warrimoo Brigade Blue Mountains
0210592 Wentworth Falls Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210600 Wentworth Falls Brigade Blue Mountains
0210608 Winmalee Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210616 Winmalee Brigade Blue Mountains
0210624 Woodford Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210632 Woodford Brigade Blue Mountains
0210640 Megalong Valley Brigade Captain Blue Mountains
0210648 Megalong Valley Brigade Blue Mountains
0212000 Blue Mountains Central Sector GO Blue Mountains
0213000 Blue Mountains East Sector GO Blue Mountains
0214000 Blue Mountains West Sector GO Blue Mountains
0215000 Blue Mountains Captains Message Blue Mountains
0280008 Macarthur Broadcast Message Macarthur
0280016 Camden West Brigade Macarthur
0280112 Catherine Field Brigade Macarthur
0280200 Cobbitty Brigade Macarthur
0280352 Macarthur Catering Support Unit Macarthur
0280360 Macarthur Catering Support Unit Macarthur
0280440 Narellan Brigade Macarthur
0280688 Leppington Brigade Macarthur
0280920 Macarthur Comms Support Unit Macarthur
0290016 Varroville Brigade Macarthur
0290032 Minto Heights Brigade Macarthur
0290040 Kentlyn Brigade Macarthur
0290048 Lynwood Park Brigade Macarthur
0290056 Wedderburn Brigade Macarthur
0290064 Menangle Park Brigade Macarthur
0290232 Macarthur Group 2 Macarthur
0440160 Torrington Brigade Canobolas
0440168 Woodstock Brigade Canobolas
0440664 Koorawatha Brigade Canobolas
0440672 Morongla-Cucumgilliga Brigade Canobolas
0440680 Neila Brigade Canobolas
0440696 Waugoola Brigade Canobolas
0440760 Darbys Falls Brigade Canobolas
0440776 Torrington Brigade Canobolas
0440784 Orange Brigade Canobolas
0440800 Woodstock Brigade Canobolas
0442000 Unknown?? Canobolas
0449000 Cowra Brigade Canobolas
0480112 Dubbo Duty Officer Orana
0480128 Dubbo Brigade Orana
0480136 Dubbo Brigade Orana
0480200 Ballimore Brigade Orana
0480203 Ballimore Brigade Orana
0480216 Unknown?? Orana
0480218 Unknown?? Orana
0480283 Dubbo Brigade Orana
0520008 Chifley Manager Chifley Lithgow
0520024 Chifley OPS Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520032 Chifley OPS Sup Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520040 Chifley Business Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520048 Chifley Fire Mit Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520056 Chifley Comm Safety Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520064 Chifley Duty Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520072 Chifley Admin 1 Chifley Lithgow
0520080 Chifley Admin 2 Chifley Lithgow
0520104 Chifley Group 1 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520112 Chifley Group 2 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520120 Chifley Group 3 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520128 Chifley Group 4 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520136 Chifley Group 5 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520144 Chifley Group 6 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520152 Chifley Support Group Chifley Lithgow
0520160 Arkell Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520168 Arkell Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520200 Chifley Support Group Manager Chifley Lithgow
0520208 Bruinbun Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520216 Bruinbun Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520224 Duramana Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520232 Duramana Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520240 Eglington Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520248 Eglington Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520256 Fitzgerald Valley Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520264 Fitzgerald Valley Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520272 Freemantle Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520280 Freemantle Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520288 Glanmire-Walang Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520296 Glanmire-Walang Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520304 Hill End Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520312 Hill End Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520338 Peel Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520344 Peel Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520352 Perthville Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520360 Perthville Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520368 Raglan Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520376 Raglan Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520384 Rock Forest-Vittoria Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520392 Rock Forest-Vittoria Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520400 Rockley Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520408 Rockley Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520416 Sally's Flat Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520424 Sally's Flat Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520448 Triangle Flat Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520456 Turondale Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520472 Turondale Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520480 Wattle Flat Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520488 Wattle Flat Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520496 Yetholme Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0520504 Yetholme Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0520512 Chifley Senior Group Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520520 Chifley Group 7 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0520528 Chifley Group 8 Officer Chifley Lithgow
0521000 Chifley Admin Group Chifley Lithgow
0523000 Chifley Group Officer Group Chifley Lithgow
0523008 Bathurst HQ Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0523016 Trunkey Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0523024 Trunkey Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0524000 Chifley Duty Officer Bathurst Chifley Lithgow
0524008 Chifley Duty Officer Oberon Chifley Lithgow
0540000 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0540152 Forbes Air Base Ops Mid Lachlan Valley
0540248 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0540272 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0540280 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0540304 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0540392 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0540424 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
0549016 Gooloogong SES SES
0560000 Mid Coast Broadcast Message Mid Coast
0560016 Gloucester Duty Officer Mid Coast
0560080 Barrington Brigade Mid Coast
0560120 Bundook Brigade Mid Coast
0560128 Bundook Brigade Mid Coast
0560136 Gloucester Duty Officer Mid Coast
0560168 Gangat Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0560176 Gangat Brigade Mid Coast
0560184 Gloucester Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0560192 Gloucester Brigade Mid Coast
0560208 Gloucester Rivers Mid Coast
0560240 Rookhurst Brigade Mid Coast
0560248 Avon Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0560256 Avon Brigade Mid Coast
0560272 Tibbuc Brigade Mid Coast
0560361 Gloucester/Stroud SES SES
0570000 Central Coast Broadcast Message Central Coast
0570008 Central Coast FCO1 Central Coast
0570016 Central Coast FCO2 Central Coast
0570032 Central Coast FCO4 Central Coast
0570064 Central Coast Group 3 Central Coast
0570072 Central Coast Group 4 Central Coast
0570080 Central Coast Group 5 Central Coast
0570104 Avoca Brigade Captain Central Coast
0570112 Avoca Brigade Central Coast
0570120 Copacabana Brigade Captain Central Coast
0570128 Copacabana Brigade Central Coast
0570144 Brisbane Waters Brigade Central Coast
0570152 Empire Bay Brigade Captain Central Coast
0570160 Empire Bay Brigade Central Coast
0570168 Central Coast Bulk Water Support Unit Central Coast
0570176 Kariong Brigade Central Coast
0570184 Killcare Brigade Captain Central Coast
0570192 Killcare Brigade Central Coast
0570200 MacMasters Brigade Captain Central Coast
0570208 MacMasters Brigade Central Coast
0570224 Mangrove Mountain Brigade Central Coast
0570240 Matcham/Holgate Brigade Central Coast
0570256 Mooney Brigade Central Coast
0570272 Central Coast Trail Bike Support Unit Central Coast
0570280 Calga/Mount White Brigade Captain Central Coast
0570288 Calga/Mount White Brigade Central Coast
0570304 Narara Brigade Central Coast
0570320 Patonga Brigade Central Coast
0570336 Pearl Beach Brigade Central Coast
0570352 Somersby Brigade Central Coast
0570368 Spencer Brigade Central Coast
0570384 The Bays Brigade Central Coast
0570400 Bar Point Brigade Central Coast
0570416 Wamberal Brigade Central Coast
0570432 Wendoree Park Brigade Central Coast
0570440 Central Coast Bulk Water Support Unit Central Coast
0570448 Central Coast Air Support Unit Central Coast
0570464 Central Coast Catering Support Unit Central Coast
0570472 Central Coast Comms Support Unit Supervisors Central Coast
0570480 Central Coast Comms Support Unit Central Coast
0570496 Brisbane Waters Brigade Central Coast
0570504 Central Coast Operational Support Unit Central Coast
0570512 Central Coast Bulk Water Support Unit Central Coast
0570520 Central Coast DO Central Coast
0570528 Central Coast Radio Tech Central Coast
0570560 Central Coast Group 9 Central Coast
0570572 Central Coast Bulk Water Support Unit Central Coast
0570608 Central Coast Group 13 Central Coast
0570616 Central Coast Group 14 Central Coast
0572000 Central Coast Group Officers Central Coast
0574000 Central Coast Group Officers Central Coast
0590000 Mid Coast Broadcast Message Mid Coast
0590032 Limeburners Creek Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0590072 Booral Brigade Mid Coast
0590080 Bulahdelah Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0590088 Bulahdelah Brigade Mid Coast
0590104 Bungwahl Brigade Mid Coast
0590136 Coolongolook Brigade Mid Coast
0590152 Coomba Park Brigade Mid Coast
0590168 Girvan Brigade Mid Coast
0590184 Green Point Brigade Mid Coast
0590200 Forster/Tuncurry Brigade Mid Coast
0590216 Limeburners Creek Brigade Mid Coast
0590232 Bulahdelah Brigade Mid Coast
0590240 Minimbah Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0590248 Minimbah Brigade Mid Coast
0590296 North Arm Cove Brigade Mid Coast
0590312 Pacific Palms Brigade Mid Coast
0590344 Stroud Brigade Mid Coast
0590360 Stroud Road Brigade Mid Coast
0590368 Forster/Tuncurry Brigade Mid Coast
0590376 Pindimar/Tea Gardens Brigade Mid Coast
0590384 Wards River Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0590392 Wards River Brigade Mid Coast
0590408 Wootton Brigade Mid Coast
0590430 Mid Coast Duty Officer Mid Coast
0590448 Mid Coast Group 3 South Mid Coast
0590456 Mid Coast Group 1 South Mid Coast
0600000 Lithgow Broadcast Message Chifley Lithgow
0600008 Lithgow FCO Chifley Lithgow
0600032 Senior Group Chifley Lithgow
0600040 Lithgow Group North Chifley Lithgow
0600048 Lithgow Group East Chifley Lithgow
0600056 Lithgow Group South Chifley Lithgow
0600064 Lithgow Group West Chifley Lithgow
0600072 Lithgow Comms Support Unit Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600080 Lithgow Comms Support Unit Chifley Lithgow
0600088 Capertee Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600096 Capertee Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600104 Clarence Dargan Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600112 Clarence Dargan Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600120 Cullen Bullen Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600128 Cullen Bullen Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600136 Dark Corner Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600144 Dark Corner Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600152 Glen Alice Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600160 Glen Alice Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600168 Lowther Hampton Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600176 Lowther Hampton Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600184 Hartley Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600192 Hartley Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600200 Kanimbla Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600208 Kanimbla Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600216 Marrangaroo Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600224 Marrangaroo Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600232 Meadow Flat Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600240 Meadow Flat Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600248 Palmers Oakey Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600256 Palmers Oakey Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600264 Portland Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600272 Portland Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600280 Rydal Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600288 Rydal Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600296 South Bowenfels Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600304 South Bowenfels Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600312 Sunny Corner Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600320 Sunny Corner Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600344 Wallerawang Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0600352 Wallerawang Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0600360 Lithgow Group Central Chifley Lithgow
0601000 Lithgow Admin Group Chifley Lithgow
0602000 Lithgow Brigade Captains Group Chifley Lithgow
0602008 Tarana Brigade Chifley Lithgow
0602016 Tarana Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
0602024 Lithgow Admin Chifley Lithgow
0604000 Lithgow All Group Capt Chifley Lithgow
0604008 Lithgow Duty Officer Chifley Lithgow
0610000 Mid Coast Broadcast Message Mid Coast
0610040 Mid Coast Comms Support Unit Mid Coast
0610088 Burrell Creek Brigade Mid Coast
0610104 Coopernook Brigade Mid Coast
0610120 Diamond Beach Brigade Mid Coast
0610136 Firefly Brigade Mid Coast
0610152 Hannam Vale Brigade Mid Coast
0610168 Harrington Brigade Mid Coast
0610184 Johns River Brigade Mid Coast
0610200 Killabakh Brigade Mid Coast
0610216 Krambach Brigade Mid Coast
0610232 Kundle/Moto Brigade Mid Coast
0610240 Lansdowne Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0610248 Lansdowne Brigade Mid Coast
0610264 Marlee Brigade Mid Coast
0610280 Mitchells Island Brigade Mid Coast
0610312 Mt George Brigade Mid Coast
0610328 Nabiac Brigade Mid Coast
0610344 Old Bar Brigade Mid Coast
0610360 Rainbow Flat Brigade Mid Coast
0610376 Taree Brigade Mid Coast
0610392 Tinonee Brigade Mid Coast
0610404 Coopernook Brigade Mid Coast
0610408 Wallaby Joe Brigade Mid Coast
0610424 Wherrol Flat Brigade Mid Coast
0610432 Mid Coast RDO Mid Coast
0610520 Mid Coast Group 5 South Mid Coast
0610608 Moorland Brigade Mid Coast
0619008 Nabiac Brigade Mid Coast
0680068 Mid Coast Comms Support Unit Mid Coast
0680080 Mid Coast Comms Support Unit Mid Coast
0680096 Beechwood Brigade Mid Coast
0680112 Bellangry Brigade Mid Coast
0680144 Bonny Hills Brigade Mid Coast
0680160 Byabarra Brigade Mid Coast
0680176 Camden Haven Brigade Mid Coast
0680192 Comboyne Brigade Mid Coast
0680208 Wauchope Hastings HQ Brigade Mid Coast
0680224 Hollisdale Brigade Mid Coast
0680240 Huntingdon Brigade Mid Coast
0680264 King Creek Brigade Captain Mid Coast
0680272 King Creek Brigade Mid Coast
0680288 Lake Cathie Brigade Mid Coast
0680304 Lake Innes Brigade Mid Coast
0680320 Long Flat/Ellenborough Brigade Mid Coast
0680336 Lorne Brigade Mid Coast
0680352 North Shore Brigade Mid Coast
0680368 Pappinbarra Brigade Mid Coast
0680384 Pembrooke Brigade Mid Coast
0680416 Rollins Planes Brigade Mid Coast
0680432 Sancrox/Thrumster Brigade Mid Coast
0680448 Telegraph Point Brigade Mid Coast
0680512 Mid Coast Group 1 Mid Coast
0680560 Port Macquarie Marine Rescue Marine Rescue
0685008 Camden Haven SES SES
0685016 Port Macquarie/Hastings SES SES
0690016 Hawkesbury FCO2 Hawkesbury
0690024 Hawkesbury FCO4 Hawkesbury
0690032 Hawkesbury FCO5 Hawkesbury
0690048 Bilpin Brigade Hawkesbury
0690056 Blaxland Ridge Brigade Hawkesbury
0690064 Colo Heights Brigade Hawkesbury
0690072 East Kurrajong Brigade Hawkesbury
0690080 Ebenezer Brigade Hawkesbury
0690088 Freemans Reach Brigade Hawkesbury
0690096 Glossodia Brigade Hawkesbury
0690104 Grose Vale Brigade Hawkesbury
0690112 Grose Wold Brigade Hawkesbury
0690120 Hawkesbury Headquarters Brigade Hawkesbury
0690128 Kurrajong Brigade Hawkesbury
0690136 Kurrajong Heights Brigade Hawkesbury
0690144 Lower MacDonald Brigade Hawkesbury
0690152 Hawkesbury Broadcast Message Hawkesbury
0690160 Mountain Lagoon Brigade Hawkesbury
0690168 Oakville Brigade Hawkesbury
0690176 St Albans Brigade Hawkesbury
0690184 Tennyson Brigade Hawkesbury
0690192 Upper Colo Brigade Hawkesbury
0690200 Wilberforce Brigade Hawkesbury
0690208 Yarramundi Brigade Hawkesbury
0690216 Hawkesbury Catering Support Unit Hawkesbury
0690224 Hawkesbury Comms Support Unit Hawkesbury
0690232 Hawkesbury West 1 Hawkesbury
0690240 Hawkesbury South 1 Hawkesbury
0690248 Hawkesbury North 1 Hawkesbury
0690256 Hawkesbury North 3 Hawkesbury
0690264 Hawkesbury West 2 Hawkesbury
0690272 Tennyson Brigade Hawkesbury
0690280 Hawkesbury North 2 Hawkesbury
0690288 Hawkesbury Broadcast Message Hawkesbury
0690304 Blaxlands Ridge Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690312 Colo Heights Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690320 East Kurrajong Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690328 Ebenezer Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690336 Freemans Reach Brigade Hawkesbury
0690344 Glossodia Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690352 Grose Vale Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690360 Grose Wold Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690368 Headquarters Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690376 Kurrajong Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690384 Kurrajong Heights Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690392 Lower MacDonald Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690400 Lower Portland Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690408 Mountain Lagoon Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690416 St Albans Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690424 Tennyson Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690432 Upper Colo Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690440 Wilberforce Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690448 Yarramundi Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690456 Oakville Brigade Captain Hawkesbury
0690464 Hawkesbury Catering Captain Hawkesbury
0690472 Hawkesbury Comms Support Unit Captain Hawkesbury
0690488 Grose Wold Brigade Hawkesbury
0690512 Oakville Brigade Hawkesbury
0690536 Hawkesbury West 3 Hawkesbury
0690544 Hawkesbury South 3 Hawkesbury
0690552 Grose Wold Brigade Hawkesbury
0690560 Bilpin Brigade Hawkesbury
0690568 Blaxlands Ridge Brigade Hawkesbury
0690576 Colo Heights Brigade Hawkesbury
0690584 East Kurrajong Brigade Hawkesbury
0690592 Ebenezer Brigade Hawkesbury
0690600 Freemans Reach Brigade Hawkesbury
0690608 Glossodia Brigade Hawkesbury
0690616 Grose Vale Brigade Hawkesbury
0690624 Grose Wold Brigade Hawkesbury
0690632 Headquarters Brigade Hawkesbury
0690640 Kurrajong Brigade Hawkesbury
0690648 Kurrajong Heights Brigade Hawkesbury
0690656 Lower MacDonald Brigade Hawkesbury
0690664 Lower Portland Brigade Hawkesbury
0690672 Mountain Lagoon Brigade Hawkesbury
0690680 Oakville Brigade Hawkesbury
0690688 St Albans Brigade Hawkesbury
0690696 Tennyson Brigade Hawkesbury
0690704 Upper Colo Brigade Hawkesbury
0690712 Wilberforce Brigade Hawkesbury
0690720 Yarramundi Brigade Hawkesbury
0690728 Hawkesbury RAFT Hawkesbury
0720008 Hornsby Broadcast Message Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720016 Arcadia Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720032 Berowra Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720040 Hornsby Duty Officer Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720048 Brooklyn Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720064 Canoelands Brigade The Hills
0720072 Hornsby Group Officers Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720080 Hornsby Catering Support Unit Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720088 Hornsby Catering Support Unit Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720096 Cherrybrook Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720104 Cherrybrook Brigade Captain Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720112 Hornsby Comms Support Unit Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720120 Hornsby Comms Support Unit Captain Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720128 Cowan Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720144 Dangar Island Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720160 Dural Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720168 Dural Brigade Captain Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720176 Galston Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720192 Hornsby/Hornsby Hts Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720200 Hornsby Broadcast Message Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720208 Hornsby/Hornsby Hts Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720224 Ku-ring-gai Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720232 Mt Kuring-gai Brigade Captain Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720256 Muogamarra Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720272 Mt Kuring-gai Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720296 Brooklyn Brigade Captain Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720304 Westleigh Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720312 Westleigh Brigade Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720376 Hornsby Group 4 Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720392 Hornsby Group 2 Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720400 Hornsby Group 6 Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720432 Hornsby Duty Officer Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720440 Hornsby FCO Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720464 Hornsby Group 3 Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720472 Hornsby Group 6 Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0720480 Hornsby Group 5 Hornsby/Ku-Ring-Gai
0770376 Kempsey Shire SES SES
0781008 Gerringong Brigade Illawarra
0782008 Jamberoo Brigade Illawarra
0783008 Foxground Brigade Illawarra
0784008 Carrington Falls Brigade Illawarra
0789000 Illawarra Broadcast Message Illawarra
0789008 Kiama SES SES
0810208 Condobolin Brigade North West
0810296 Condobolin Brigade North West
0810304 Condobolin Brigade North West
0810312 Condobolin Brigade North West
0810360 Nevertire Brigade North West
0819000 Condobolin Brigade North West
0820000 Central Coast Group Officers Central Coast
0820008 Central Coast FCO 1 Central Coast
0820024 Central Coast FCO 5 Central Coast
0820048 Central Coast Group 6 Central Coast
0820064 Central Coast Group 8 Central Coast
0820072 Central Coast Group 7 Central Coast
0820096 Central Coast Group 10 Central Coast
0820256 Awaba Brigade Central Coast
0820384 Seahampton Brigade Central Coast
0820496 Killingworth Brigade Central Coast
0820624 Wakefield Brigade Central Coast
0820656 Cooranbong Brigade Captain Central Coast
0820752 Cameron Park Brigade Central Coast
0820760 Martinsville Brigade Central Coast
0820792 Dora Creek Brigade Captain Central Coast
0820872 Dora Creek Brigade Central Coast
0821064 Cooranbong Brigade Central Coast
0821176 Wallarah Brigade Central Coast
0821208 Martinsville Brigade Captain Central Coast
0821304 Martinsville Brigade Central Coast
0821416 Mandalong Brigade Central Coast
0821456 Peninsula Brigade Captain Central Coast
0821552 Peninsula Brigade Central Coast
0821680 Wyee Point Brigade Central Coast
0821808 Wyee Brigade Central Coast
0821936 Nords Wharf Brigade Central Coast
0822056 Catherine Hill Bay Brigade Central Coast
0822216 Central Coast Comms Support Unit Central Coast
0829000 Lake Macquarie SES SES
0829008 Cooranbong SES SES
0850008 Liverpool Brigade Macarthur
0850016 Austral Brigade Macarthur
0850104 Bringelly Brigade Macarthur
0850168 Hoxton Park Brigade Macarthur
0850424 Kemps Creek Brigade Macarthur
0850504 Luddenham Brigade Macarthur
0850600 Casula Brigade Macarthur
0959008 Muswellbrook SES SES
1020000 Chifley Broadcast Message Chifley Lithgow
1020064 Back Creek Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020072 Back Creek Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020080 Black Springs Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020088 Black Springs Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020096 Duckmaloi Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020104 Duckmaloi Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020112 Edith Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020120 Edith Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020128 Gingkin Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020136 Gingkin Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020144 Gurnang Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020152 Gurnang Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020160 Hazelgrove Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020168 Hazelgrove Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020192 Jerrong Pyds Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020200 Jerrong Pyds Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020208 Jenolan Caves Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020216 Jenolan Caves Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020224 Native Dog Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020232 Mayfield Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020248 Native Dog Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020256 Norway Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020264 Norway Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020272 Oberon Support Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020280 Oberon Support Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020288 O'Connell Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020296 Porters Retreat Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020304 Porters Retreat Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020312 Shooter's Hill Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020320 Shooter's Hill Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020328 Burraga Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020336 Burraga Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020344 The Lagoon Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1020352 The Lagoon Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1020360 O'Connell Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1022000 Mayfield Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1022008 Bald Ridge Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1022016 Bald Ridge Brigade Captain Chifley Lithgow
1023000 Chifley Brigade Captains Group Chifley Lithgow
1029000 Bathurst SES - General SES
1029008 Bathurst SES - Rescue SES
1029016 Oberon SES - General SES
1029024 Oberon SES - Rescue SES
1029032 Turon SES - General SES
1029040 Turon SES - Rescue SES
1029064 Burraga Brigade Chifley Lithgow
1029080 Turon CFR Chifley Lithgow
1029088 Portland CWRPRT Chifley Lithgow
1029104 Lithgow CWRLGW Chifley Lithgow
1030008 Canobolas RDO Canobolas
1030112 Unknown?? Canobolas
1030624 Orange Brigade Canobolas
1030640 Lucknow/Summer Hill Crk Brigade Canobolas
1030648 Spring Hill/Huntley Brigade Canobolas
1030656 Clifton Grove-Ophir / Orange Brigade Canobolas
1032056 Unknown?? Canobolas
1032072 Clifton Grove-Ophir / Orange Brigade Canobolas
1040200 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
1040216 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
1040240 Tichborne Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1040256 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
1040296 Fifield Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1040328 Peak Hill Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1042064 Parkes Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1042072 Trundle Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1049000 Peak Hill Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1060032 Berkshire Park Brigade Cumberland
1060048 Castlereagh Brigade Cumberland
1060056 Cumberland Comms Support Unit Cumberland
1060072 Erskine Park Brigade Cumberland
1060080 Llandilo Brigade Cumberland
1060088 Londonderry Brigade Cumberland
1060096 Mulgoa Brigade Cumberland
1060104 Orchard Hills Brigade Cumberland
1060112 Regentville Brigade Cumberland
1060120 Wallacia Brigade Cumberland
1060128 Cumberland FCO Cumberland
1060144 Cumberland Group 1 Cumberland
1110021 Central Coast Group 3 Central Coast
1110069 Unknown?? Central Coast
1110141 Central Coast Group Officers Central Coast
1110157 Central Coast Duty Central Coast
1110189 Central Coast Catering Support Unit Central Coast
1110205 Central Coast Group Officers Central Coast
1110229 Central Coast OSB Central Coast
1110237 Central Coast Comms Support Unit Central Coast
1110349 Berkeley Vale Brigade Central Coast
1110381 Charmhaven Brigade Central Coast
1110413 Tuggerah Brigade Central Coast
1110445 Dooralong Brigade Central Coast
1110477 Gwandalan Brigade Central Coast
1110509 Wadalba Brigade Central Coast
1110541 Kulnura Brigade Central Coast
1110573 Lake Munmorah Brigade Central Coast
1110605 Mannering Park Brigade Central Coast
1110637 Ourimbah Brigade Central Coast
1110669 Warnervale Brigade Central Coast
1110701 Charmhaven Brigade Central Coast
1110733 Yarramalong Brigade Central Coast
1110781 Central Coast Rescue Squad Volunteer Rescue Association
1112101 Annangrove Brigade The Hills
1112103 Glenhaven Brigade The Hills
1112104 Glenorie Brigade The Hills
1112106 Kellyville Brigade The Hills
1112107 Kenthurst Brigade The Hills
1112108 Lower Portland Brigade The Hills
1112109 Maroota Brigade The Hills
1112110 Maroota South Brigade The Hills
1112111 Middle Dural Brigade The Hills
1112113 Round Corner Brigade The Hills
1112114 Rouse Hill Brigade The Hills
1112216 Annangrove Brigade The Hills
1112222 The Hills Broadcast Message The Hills
1112224 Box Hill/Nelson Brigade The Hills
1112288 The Hills Broadcast Message The Hills
1112296 Glenorie Brigade The Hills
1112304 Glenhaven Brigade The Hills
1112328 Hillside Brigade The Hills
1112336 Kellyville Brigade The Hills
1112344 Kenthurst Brigade The Hills
1112352 Lower Portland Brigade The Hills
1112360 Maroota Brigade The Hills
1112368 Maroota South Brigade The Hills
1112376 Middle Dural Brigade The Hills
1112384 North Rocks Brigade The Hills
1112392 Round Corner Brigade The Hills
1112400 Rouse Hill Brigade The Hills
1112432 Wisemans Ferry Brigade The Hills
1112464 Kellyville/Lighting Brigade The Hills
1112520 Middle Dural Brigade The Hills
1112912 Middle Dural Brigade The Hills
1139008 Scone Brigade Lower Hunter
1152008 Albion Park Brigade Illawarra
1153008 Oak Flats Brigade Illawarra
1154008 Dunmore Brigade Illawarra
1155008 Calderwood Brigade Illawarra
1160000 Shoalhaven Broadcast Message Shoalhaven
1160008 Shoalhaven FCO 2 Shoalhaven
1160040 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160048 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160056 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160064 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160072 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160080 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160088 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160096 Basin View Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160104 Basin View Brigade Shoalhaven
1160112 Beaumont Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160120 Beaumont Brigade Shoalhaven
1160128 Bendalong Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160136 Bendalong Brigade Shoalhaven
1160144 Broughton Vale Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160152 Broughton Vale Brigade Shoalhaven
1160160 Callala Bay Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160168 Callala Bay Brigade Shoalhaven
1160176 Callala Beach Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160184 Callala Beach Brigade Shoalhaven
1160192 Cambewarra Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160200 Cambewarra Brigade Shoalhaven
1160208 Culburra Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160216 Culburra Brigade Shoalhaven
1160224 Cunjurong Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160232 Cunjurong Brigade Shoalhaven
1160240 Currarong Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160248 Currarong Brigade Shoalhaven
1160256 Erowal Bay Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160264 Erowal Bay Brigade Shoalhaven
1160272 Falls Creek Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160280 Falls Creek Brigade Shoalhaven
1160288 Greenwell Point Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160296 Greenwell Point Brigade Shoalhaven
1160304 Huskisson Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160312 Huskisson Brigade Shoalhaven
1160320 Hyams Beach Brigade Shoalhaven
1160328 Hyams Beach Brigade Shoalhaven
1160336 Illaroo Road Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160344 Illaroo Road Brigade Shoalhaven
1160352 Kangaroo Valley Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160360 Kangaroo Valley Brigade Shoalhaven
1160368 Milton Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160376 Milton Brigade Shoalhaven
1160384 Sanctuary Point Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160392 Sanctuary Point Brigade Shoalhaven
1160400 Shoalhaven Heads Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160408 Shoalhaven Heads Brigade Shoalhaven
1160416 Unknown?? Shoalhaven
1160424 Unknown?? Shoalhaven
1160432 Sussex Inlet Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160440 Sussex Inlet Brigade Shoalhaven
1160448 Bawley Point Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160456 Bawley Point Brigade Shoalhaven
1160464 Cudmirrah Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160472 Cudmirrah Brigade Shoalhaven
1160480 Depot Beach Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160488 Depot Beach Brigade Shoalhaven
1160496 Kioloa Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160504 Kioloa Brigade Shoalhaven
1160512 Lake Conjola Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160520 Lake Conjola Brigade Shoalhaven
1160528 Tabourie Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160536 Tabourie Brigade Shoalhaven
1160544 Tomerong Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160552 Tomerong Brigade Shoalhaven
1160560 Wandandian Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160568 Wandandian Brigade Shoalhaven
1160576 St Georges Basin Brigade Captain Shoalhaven
1160584 St Georges Basin Brigade Shoalhaven
1160608 Shoalhaven Comms Support Unit Shoalhaven
1160656 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160664 Shoalhaven Group Officer Shoalhaven
1160696 Fishermans Paradise Brigade Shoalhaven
1160960 Shoalhaven Community Education Unit Shoalhaven
1161000 All Shoalhaven District Fire Control Officers? Shoalhaven
1162000 All Shoalhaven District Brigade Captains Shoalhaven
1163000 All Shoalhaven District Group Officers Shoalhaven
1170112 Belford Brigade Hunter Valley
1170128 Broke Brigade Hunter Valley
1170176 Darlington Brigade Hunter Valley
1170384 Whittingham Brigade Hunter Valley
1210133 Cudgegong RDO Cudgegong
1210157 Cudgegong RAFT Team Cudgegong
1210325 Cudgegong RDO Cudgegong
1210357 Gulgong Rescue Squad Volunteer Rescue Association
1210501 Unknown?? Cudgegong
1210557 Bogee Brigade Cudgegong
1210581 Rylstone Rescue Squad Volunteer Rescue Association
1210589 Unknown?? Cudgegong
1210637 Unknown?? Cudgegong
1210685 Unknown?? Cudgegong
1210693 Clandulla Brigade Cudgegong
1210725 Unknown?? Cudgegong
1210733 Rylstone Brigade Cudgegong
1210781 Mudgee Brigade Cudgegong
1210845 Mullamuddy Brigade Cudgegong
1310000 Lower Hunter Broadcast Message Lower Hunter
1310096 Greta Brigade Lower Hunter
1310104 Central Cessnock Brigade Lower Hunter
1310112 Lower Hunter Support Brigade Lower Hunter
1310120 North Rothbury Brigade Lower Hunter
1310128 Pokolbin Brigade Lower Hunter
1310136 Rothbury Brigade Lower Hunter
1310144 Benwerrin Brigade Lower Hunter
1310152 Kearsley Brigade Lower Hunter
1310160 Clarence Town CFR Lower Hunter
1310168 Mulbring Brigade Lower Hunter
1310176 Neath Brigade Lower Hunter
1310184 Quorrobolong Brigade Lower Hunter
1310192 Bishops Bridge Brigade Lower Hunter
1310200 Lochinvar Brigade Lower Hunter
1310208 East Maitland Brigade Lower Hunter
1310216 Maitland Vale/Luskintyre Brigade Lower Hunter
1310224 Thornton Brigade Lower Hunter
1310232 Bucketty Brigade Lower Hunter
1310240 Laguna Brigade Lower Hunter
1310248 Wollombi Brigade Lower Hunter
1310256 Lower Hunter Catering Support Unit Captain Lower Hunter
1310272 Bolwarra/Largs Brigade Lower Hunter
1310344 Lower Hunter RAFT Lower Hunter
1310360 Millfield Brigade Lower Hunter
1310400 Lower Hunter Group 5 Lower Hunter
1310408 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 5 Lower Hunter
1310416 Lower Hunter Group 6 Lower Hunter
1310424 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 6 Lower Hunter
1310432 Lower Hunter Group 7 Lower Hunter
1310440 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 7 Lower Hunter
1310448 Lower Hunter Group 6 Lower Hunter
1310456 Lower Hunter Deputy Group 6 Lower Hunter
1310488 Bucketty Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310496 Unknown?? Lower Hunter
1310504 Greta Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310528 Lochinvar Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310544 East Maitland Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310600 Millfield Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310608 Mulbring Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310616 Neath Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310632 Pokolbin Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310640 Quorrobolong Brigade Captain Lower Hunter
1310760 Cessnock Catering Support Unit Captain Lower Hunter
1370008 Northern Beaches Broadcast Message Northern Beaches
1370016 Northern Beaches Captains Northern Beaches
1370056 Beacon Hill Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370064 Belrose Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370080 Northern Beaches Comms Support Unit Captain Northern Beaches
1370088 Northern Beaches Catering Support Unit Captain Northern Beaches
1370096 Coal & Candle Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370104 Cottage Point Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370112 Davidson Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370120 Duffys Forest Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370136 Ingleside Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370144 Mackeral Beach Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370152 Scotland Island Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370160 Terrey Hills Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370168 Tumbledown Dick Brigade Captain Northern Beaches
1370176 West Pittwater Captain Northern Beaches
1370192 Northern Beaches Group 1 Northern Beaches
1370200 Northern Beaches Group 2 Northern Beaches
1370208 Northern Beaches Group 3 Northern Beaches
1370240 Northern Beaches FCO 1 Northern Beaches
1370304 Northern Beaches FCO 2 Northern Beaches
1370312 Beacon Hill Brigade Northern Beaches
1370320 Belrose Brigade Northern Beaches
1370328 Coasters Retreat Brigade Northern Beaches
1370336 Northern Beaches Comms Support Unit Northern Beaches
1370344 Northern Beaches Catering Support Unit Northern Beaches
1370352 Coal & Candle Brigade Northern Beaches
1370360 Cottage Point Brigade Northern Beaches
1370368 Davidson Brigade Northern Beaches
1370376 Duffys Forest Brigade Northern Beaches
1370392 Ingleside Brigade Northern Beaches
1370400 Mackeral Beach Brigade Northern Beaches
1370408 Scotland Island Brigade Northern Beaches
1370416 Terry Hills Brigade Northern Beaches
1370424 Tumbledown Dick Brigade Northern Beaches
1370432 West Pittwater Brigade Northern Beaches
1370440 Northern Beaches Flyer Northern Beaches
1370456 Northern Beaches Duty Group Northern Beaches
1370472 Northern Beaches Support Brigade Northern Beaches
1370480 Northern Beaches Support Captain Northern Beaches
1370696 Northern Beaches FCO 5 Northern Beaches
1370704 Northern Beaches Duty Officer Northern Beaches
1370736 Northern Beaches Community First responders Northern Beaches
1370744 Northern Beaches FCO 4 Northern Beaches
1370752 Northern Beaches OP Support 21 Northern Beaches
1380056 Bonnievale/Martins Lane Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1380064 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
1380144 Bonnievale/Martins Lane Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1380200 Unknown?? Mid Lachlan Valley
1389008 Grenfell Brigade Mid Lachlan Valley
1390136 Mt Arthur Brigade Orana
1390144 Unknown?? Orana
1390200 Unknown?? Orana
1390256 Euchareena Brigade Orana
1390312 Mt Arthur Brigade Orana
1390320 Mumbil Brigade Orana
1390344 Stuart Town Brigade Orana
1390360 Unknown?? Orana
1399000 Unknown?? Orana
1410056 Helensburgh Brigade Illawarra
1410064 Otford Brigade Illawarra
1410072 Darkes Forest Brigade Illawarra
1410080 Stanwell Park Brigade Illawarra
1410088 Bulli Brigade Illawarra
1410096 Austinmer Brigade Illawarra
1410104 Dapto Brigade Illawarra
1410112 Mt Kembla Brigade Illawarra
1410120 Mt Keira Brigade Illawarra
1410128 Farmborough Heights Brigade Illawarra
1410344 Illawarra Support Brigade Illawarra
1419100 Wollongong SES SES
1430008 Southern Highlands Broadcast Message Southern Highlands
1430112 Southern Highlands Comms Support Unit Southern Highlands
1430128 Alpine Brigade Southern Highlands
1430152 Avoca Brigade Southern Highlands
1430176 Balmoral Brigade Southern Highlands
1430200 Berrima Brigade Southern Highlands
1430224 Bundanoon Brigade Southern Highlands
1430248 Burawang Brigade Southern Highlands
1430280 Canyonleigh Brigade Southern Highlands
1430304 Colo Vale Brigade Southern Highlands
1430352 Exeter Brigade Southern Highlands
1430376 Hill Top Brigade Southern Highlands
1430400 Mandemar Brigade Southern Highlands
1430448 Mittagong Brigade Southern Highlands
1430472 Moss Vale Brigade Southern Highlands
1430496 Penrose Brigade Southern Highlands
1430520 Robertson Brigade Southern Highlands
1430544 Wingello Brigade Southern Highlands
1430568 Woodlands Brigade Southern Highlands
1430592 Yerrinbool Brigade Southern Highlands
1430616 Wollondilly Brigade Southern Highlands
1440008 Southern Highlands Broadcast Message Southern Highlands
1440016 Wollondilly Comms Support Unit Southern Highlands
1440024 Southern Highlands Broadcast Message Southern Highlands
1440032 Appin Brigade Southern Highlands
1440040 Bargo Brigade Southern Highlands
1440048 Buxton Brigade Southern Highlands
1440056 Cawdor Brigade Southern Highlands
1440064 Douglas Park Brigade Southern Highlands
1440072 Lakesland Brigade Southern Highlands
1440080 Menangle Brigade Southern Highlands
1440088 Mount Hunter Brigade Southern Highlands
1440096 Oakdale Brigade Southern Highlands
1440104 Werombi Brigade Southern Highlands
1440112 Pheasants Nest Brigade Southern Highlands
1440120 Picton Brigade Southern Highlands
1440128 Silverdale Brigade Southern Highlands
1440136 Tahmoor Brigade Southern Highlands
1440144 The Oaks Brigade Southern Highlands
1440152 Theresa Park Brigade Southern Highlands
1440160 Thirlmere Brigade Southern Highlands
1440168 Wilton Brigade Southern Highlands
1440176 Yanderra Brigade Southern Highlands
1440184 Wollondilly FCO1 Southern Highlands
1440224 Wollondilly Group 5 Southern Highlands
1440240 Wollobdilly FCO Southern Highlands
1440256 Wollondilly Group 3 Southern Highlands
1440568 Wollondilly Captains Southern Highlands
1490024 Unknown?? Northern Beaches
1510088 Unknown?? Canobolas
1510208 Spring Hill/Huntley Brigade Canobolas
1510360 Eugowra Brigade Canobolas
1510456 Unknown?? Canobolas
1510504 Moorbel Brigade Canobolas
1510752 Ponds Brigade Canobolas
1510768 Lidster Brigade Canobolas
1510816 Mullion Creek Brigade Canobolas
1510936 Cumnock Brigade Canobolas
1511000 Yeoval Brigade Canobolas
1519000 Canowindra Brigade Canobolas
1519008 Eugowra Brigade Canobolas
1519072 Molong SES SES
1519080 Orange SES SES
1990080 Sutherland Brigade FCO 4 Southern Highlands
1990120 Sutherland Group Officers Sutherland
1990168 Bundeena Brigade Sutherland
1990176 Engadine Brigade Sutherland
1990184 Grays Point Brigade Sutherland
1990192 Heathcote Brigade Sutherland
1990200 Illawong Brigade Sutherland
1990208 Kurnell Brigade Sutherland
1990216 Loftus Brigade Sutherland
1990224 Maianbar Brigade Sutherland
1990232 Menai Brigade Sutherland
1990240 Sandy Point Brigade Sutherland
1990248 Waterfall Brigade Sutherland
1990256 Woronora Brigade Sutherland
1990552 Sutherland Comms Support Unit Sutherland
1990584 Sutherland Broadcast Message Sutherland
2001016 Region East RDO Lower Hunter


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